Laura is a great friend of mine that I’ve known for a few years now. She was also my doula for the birth of my second son… Kind of. I hired her as my doula, knowing there were two days close to my due date that she needed to be out of town. Of course, my little guy decided to come on one of the only days she was gone! So instead, we had another friend of mine, Holly, fill in as her back-up. We always joke that she was my “kind-of doula”. Laura is now pregnant with baby #3, surprise gender! She has two sweet girls already, Charlotte and Annabelle.

I brought up the idea of a maternity milk bath session with Laura a few days ago, not sure if she would be interested.. Her response? “Um, Yes!!!!”

Needless to say, we took no time deciding on a date for the session, and I started planning colour schemes. I decided I wanted to do a pink/purple/orange colour scheme. We also had another awesome doula friend of ours, Melyssa, come help out as an “assistant” and made the day into a fun playdate with all of our kids (and Starbuck’s, of course). I was pretty giddy about getting to shoot my first milk bath session, and after I saw how the images were turning out, I was SUPER excited to edit them.

Laura is so radiant and beautiful, she sure made my job easy. Her awesome oval tub with big windows helped too. 😉 Anyways, here are a few of my favourite images!