It’s been forever since I’ve made a blog post, so here’s a new (old) one!

I photographed Kaylee’s maternity session back in July, and I also got the honour of photographing her birth of baby girl #2 (Nova) in August!

We decided, with it being summer, that a beach session would be fun. We headed out to a day use area at Gull Lake for sunset/golden hour. When we got there, the beach was crowded! Like, really crowded. We weren’t expecting that, considering the sun was starting to go down, and it was a Sunday evening. So rather than try to find an empty spot/dodge people at the beach, we backtracked to a green area nearby. The sun was coming through the trees beautifully, and there was nobody else there, so Kaylee, Dillon & Rosalie could run around and we could be weird without people wathcing us. 😉

After shooting there for a little while, we started to see vehicles leaving in droves, so we headed back to the beach which was now pretty empty. At this time, BC forest fires were in full swing, so the sky was hazy. It actually made for a pretty cool orange sunset.

We all got our feet wet, and had fun! Here’s some of my faves from that evening.

SOOC (straight out of camera) vs final edited image