Birth Becomes Her Certified Photographer
Birth Becomes Her Certified Photographer
DONA Certified Birth Doula
DONA Certified Birth Doula
Graduate of The Birth Film Workshop
Graduate of The Birth Film Workshop


Shelby was there for my home birth and captured all the raw emotions and love of delivering my third baby. She was a lovely addition to my birth support and I really loved having her with us at such a special time. I highly recommend her!!


Shelby not only takes stunning pictures but is super sweet & patient. Highly recommend


Shelby is super talented and is my “go-to” photographer. She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and takes the pressure out of getting your photo taken. I love her and all of the moments that she captures


Shelby is an amazing doula, she stood by my side throughout my whole labour and birthing process. Truthfully I don’t remember much of it, but I remember feeling confident, supported, loved and relaxed. She helped me have the birth I dreamed of, and I believe it is because of her that I managed to cope through all my discomfort. Today Shelby is a friend of mine and I will definitely hire her as my doula for my next pregnancy!


Shelby is so talented! She’s patient- which is especially helpful with the little ones. And every picture turns out absolutely gorgeous!


Shelby did an amazing job at my Milk Bath session. I felt absolutely beautiful and will cherish those photos forever.


Shelby did my maternity photos and I am obsessed with them! She is so talented and fun to be around.


I feel privledged to be able to have worked with Shelby as well as professionally alongside her. She has an eye and a talent for capturing feelings and moments through her work.


I am so in love with the photos we captured tonight! Shelby is super great at going with the flow of everything, and was amazing with my little miss! She was so awesome to work with. Thanks Shelby!


Fell in love with our photo session. <3 She suggested colour schemes for outfits, and let us have them look as natural and candid as we wanted! 100% something that will be going on our wall and will do again. Thank you again for capturing such precious moments of our kiddos and family!


Shelby was there for the birth of my first daughter, and will be there for my next. She is a sweetheart and wonderful at what she does.


Shelby helped me so much with my labour, and it was really amazing to have her there with me! Her hip presses helped sooo much. She knew exactly where to press to make each contraction a little less painful. Thank you for being there and helping welcome Alycie into the world.


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