My name is Shelby Story. I’m a birth doula who serves Red Deer & surrounding areas. I took my DONA birth doula training in January 2014, and have completed my certification through both DONA International as listed on the Red Deer Doula Association page.

My husband Matt and I have two sons – Mason, who was born in January 2013, and Luca, who was born in July 2016. I always had an interest in birth and motherhood, but before I became a mother myself, I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue. When Mason was born I was unaware that doulas existed, and as such, I did not have one present. After Mason’s birth, though, I became enthralled with birth, babies, and breastfeeding. I learned about doulas and loved the concept. The more I studied the world of birth, the more I continued to feel a strong desire to work, in some way, to help empower and educate women and families during this momentous time in their lives. Later that year, I saw an advertisement online for a birth doula training happening a few months later, and I knew that was where I needed to start. I took the DONA birth doula workshop in February 2014, and I loved it. Since then, I’ve had the honour of being welcomed into the birth spaces of many families to assist them. Eventually, we welcomed another son into the world, and I knew this time I needed a doula present for the birth. For me, having the undivided support my doula provided us made a huge difference. Experiencing the valuable care of a doula firsthand only reinforced my belief that this line of work is where I need to be.

I believe birth is a key life experience that stays with a mother all of her life, and I believe every woman has the right to make informed choices about such an important event. I’m passionate about helping mothers have positive, empowering birth experiences. My job as a doula is to help you have a satisfying birth experience, however that is you define it. I’m always working on continuing my education in this field, and I truly feel that I have found my calling – something that both interests me and inspires me.

I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula, and have been a birth doula since early 2014. I am also completing certification through Stillbirthday. Birth, babies, and breastfeeding have always been a huge interest of mine, for as long as I can remember. Less than a year after my first son’s birth, I learned that there was a birth doula workshop coming near me, and I knew immediately that it was where I needed to start. Since then, I’ve had the honour of being invited into the “story” of many families. I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon this doula journey, and I love being able to pursue my passions and interests in a way where I can support families. I’m also a Birth Becomes Her Certified Birth Photographer, and am very excited to offer photography and videography services to my clients as well. I feel that the birth of a child, much like a wedding, is a huge life event that deserves to be artfully documented. I am always working on expanding my knowledge in the field of birth, and can’t wait to see where this path continues to take me.

Childbirth is an experience like no other – it’s challenging, rewarding, beautiful, and everything in between. It’s an experience that is so different from person to person, and my goal is to provide services tailored to each client’s individual needs. I believe that childbirth is one of the most important life events there is, and I believe that mothers and families deserve to make informed choices about this miraculous event. My hope as your doula is that you have a positive, empowering experience – regardless of your unique circumstances, whether your preferences include hospital birth or home birth, medication free or medically assisted, vaginal or caesarean, or whatever it may be.

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I wish you the very best on this momentous journey!




During Pregnancy:

  • We will have 2 prenatal visits, during which we will discuss your preferences and wishes, as well as gather the information necessary to make informed choices and devise a personalized birth plan.
  • I will provide you with unlimited e-mail, text and phone support, and I will be on call 24 hours a day from two weeks before your EDD (due date) until your baby is born.
  • I will provide you with educational support, resources, and referrals.

During Labour & Birth:

  • I will provide continuous support from the onset of active labour until at least one hour after the birth.
  • I will help to manage your pain or discomfort using various techniques, as well as help with positioning and movement.
  • I will provide relief for your partner and do my best to ensure everyone’s comfort. I will provide emotional reassurance and informational support to both you and your partner.

After Birth:

  • I will stay with you for at least one hour after your baby is born or until you and your family are comfortable, settled and would like quiet time together. I can help facilitate breastfeeding after the birth if you choose. I can help capture a few photos for you to have of these first precious moments.
  • We will have 1 postpartum visit, usually within a few weeks of the birth, where we can discuss the birth experience and your emotions surrounding it. During our visit I can provide breastfeeding support and other advice, tips on baby care, and referrals to other resources you may need.