Krystal and I met a few years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Layla. I was a new doula, shadowing Krystal’s primary doula, and the birth of Layla was the first birth I ever got the honour of being a part of! Eventually we became close friends, and Krystal became a doula herself as well! Later into our friendship, I got a Facebook message from her with a photo of a positive pregnancy test that said “Be my doula?”, and I responded with a photo of my own positive pregnancy test with the message “Sorry, I can’t… I bet our due dates are pretty close!”. And yes, it turned out our due dates were close, less than two weeks apart. We both had sweet July 2016 babies – me with my second son Luca, and her with her second daughter Lucy.

Krystal and Kevin needed some family photos done for Christmas cards, and this session was booked quite last minute. We decided on Heritage Ranch at golden hour, and the lighting didn’t disappoint! I’m a sucker for golden sunset lighting. Layla & Lucy always crack me up – they’re both pretty quiet kids (well, I’m sure Krystal would beg to differ on that) but have such silly, distinct little personalities.

See below for some images from their session: